This is a radio communication I picked up on my scanner one day. A safe pilot
must learn to speak intelligently and respond to ATC in a timely manner to keep our
skies safe.

ATC: Nov Charlie, turn to heading one-eight-zero and maintain 3,000.

(10 seconds later)
ATC: Nov Charlie, did you turn to heading one-eight-zero?

NOV CHARLIE: Turning now, Nov Charlie.

ATC: Nov Charlie, turn zero niner zero immediately. I need you to follow
directions because of oncoming traffic. You seem to have a problem up there.

NOV CHARLIE: I've got a partial panel. Nov. Charlie.

ATC: We'll take that into consideration. Do you need to be vectored in another direction?

NOV CHARLIE: Ah ......... (static).........I'll be heading back for landing. I can't
make this work.

ATC: NOV CHARLIE, maintain and descend to 2,000. You're cleared for left approach runway 35.
Keep it VFR.

NOV CHARLIE: Okay. Same as before but descend to 2,000. Nov Charlie.