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Mail Forwarding Services.

We are semi-retired quality assurance engineers interested in providing useful services
requiring reliability, two-way communication skills, and attention to the weather. Our references
include a solid ebay rating over the past ten years and character references
from co-workers in the medical-software profession and our small community. In the past, we have
also been recreational pilots for fixed wing and R-22 helicopters.


Cost of Services: check or Paypal

Fractional service (3-4 months): $45-$65 plus postage deposit of $25
Full year service (13 months): $75-$125 plus postage deposit of $50
Transitional (1 - 3 months): $15-$25 plus postage deposit of $15

Remailing (confidential): please inquire about our low prices per envelope.


All mail is stored in waterproof & lightproof bins in a secure, metal building.
Mail is always transferred using poly bags so that everything stays clean, tidy, and damage-free.

Customers are encouraged to use our free in-house phone app for accessing mail info while on the road.
Once payment has been received (and cleared), will receive a download link. Your phone must have a browser
in order for the phone app to work.

TO SIGN-UP, send us an email and request our DISCOVERY FORM. Fill it out and return it. This will help us individualize
your account based on your current & future needs. Click here to email. OR: email us at:

SAVE THE BIRDS CAMPAIGN:Some profits are used to build open-air platform birdfeeders from a recycled scrap heap.
Birds are natural tree and grain planters and provide eye-candy for those bedridden or immobile. And let's not forget about flexing the ether!

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